Karlis Auzins (LV) – Saxophone
Maya Fridman (NL) – Violoncello
Andris Meinig (DE) – Double Bass
Keno Harriehausen (DE) – Piano & Composition

„Music with a tremendous pull… Richly colored and innovative Jazz with excursions to Shostakovich, Reger and Ravel.“

– ZDF Kultur​

„Idioms (…) successfully intermarried in Keno Harriehausen Quartet, a new proposition in the often-tricky bridging of chamber jazz. … pieces with echoes of contemporary music and sound palettes from the first half of the 20th century… Margin for improvisation is an important, and jazz-linked, aspect for a group of excellent musicians…“

– Downbeat, Josef Woodard (US)

„… he is in thrall to the intensely magical and harmonically kaleidoscopic world of Ravel…It is impossible not to be struck by the international nature of this quartet … Open-mindedness, open-heartedness are everything in the way this quartet chooses to make its music…“

– LondonJazz News,
Sebastian Scotney (UK)

Jazznyt, Niels Overgård (DK)
 …(An) expressive foray for German jazz … dramatic – almost cinematic jazz with a nod to classical music and subtle free jazz.

Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Matthias Wegner
*DLF Jazz Debut of the year* 

„The music sparks of magic and draws you in like a strong current… with their Debut they have already achieved a little masterpiece“

Chris Joris (BE) (Jury MJC,)
„An encounter of cinematic minimalism, melody and and gentle but confident anarchy: a beautiful balance between fragility and strength.“

LVZ, U. Steinmetzger
Soundscapes (…) where moments rich in color and of touching beauty emerge… It is as if the musicians would serve their souls on a silver platter. This music is world-encompassing and unhermetic. Hereout, they develop their unique characteristic.”

Draai Om Je Oren  (NL)
„It sparkles from beginning to end in a dynamic, versatile program.“

Jazzpodium, D. A. Ott
„It appears that nowadays a loud and fast present needs to be faced by quiet tones to make silence audible again, to demand thoughtfulness and consideration.” 

Donos kulturalny, Krzysztof Komorek (PL) 
„It is precisely the interweaving of jazz and classical music that characterizes the music of the quartet… On the one hand the musical inspirations (…) reach from the works of Shostakovich and Ravel and on the other hand, they are directed towards free music and the characteristic colors of Scandinavian jazz… Immersing into the blissful contemplation of the beautiful musical landscapes of the quartet.“

Nils Landgren 
„Here you feel that certain something, a human and musical understanding emerges which is truly about the music. Really great music by really great musicians.“

BR, B. Jugel
„A remarkable bridging between Jazz and Classical music. (…) a musical understanding where the group sound always marks the focal point, even in improvised passages. Although the gesture of Jazz resonates in it, you clearly hear the rootedness of the quartet’s music in European Classical music.“

NDR Info, F. Tenbaum
„The native of Hamburg (Keno Harriehausen) is a crosser between musical worlds… he has developed a tremendous musical voice… When he sits down at the grand piano and improvises he knows only two things: all or nothing.“

Hifi & Records, H. Grünefeld
„ … vibrates by inner motion – resonances of the soul, outwardly.“

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